Old Hawaii

The Monarchy








Short Timeline of Hawaiian History



300-600 A.D

before 1778 Spanish?

Western Contact (Captain Cook);

Written Sources begin at this time.  (Before 1778, things were passed down through Oral Tradition.)

1778-1820 Merchants, Whalers and American Missionaries arrive
1795 Kamehameha I becomes King
1819 Kamehameha I dies; Kamehameha II becomes King
1822 Printing Begins
1824 Kamehameha II dies; Kamehameha III becomes King
1834 Newspapers Begin
1848 The Great Mahele is signed by the King, which has to do with land ownership
1852 Chinese arrive in groups
1854 Kamehameha III dies; Kamehameha IV becomes King
1863 Kamehameha IV dies; Kamehameha V becomes King
1868 Japanese arrive in groups
1872 Kamehameha V dies; William Lunalilo confirmed as King of Hawaii by the Hawaiian Legislature after an informal popular vote. 
1874 King Lunalilo dies; David Kalakaua is elected King
1878 Portuguese arrive in groups
1881 Germans arrive in groups
1891 King Kalakaua dies; Lili'uokalani becomes Queen
1893 Queen Liliuokalani surrendered the kingdom to the United States under protest
July 7, 1898 Hawaii is annexed to the United States

Hawaii becomes a United States Territory

Okinawans and Puerto Ricans arrive in groups

1903 Koreans arrive in groups
1906 Filipinos arrive in groups
1959 Hawaii becomes the United States' 50th state