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Case Study: Hanai Relationships (Part 3)

Posted on April 1 2012 by admin

4/1/12 Christine Hitt I just recently helped a family learn more about their great-grandmother who had been hanai. The family was uncertain of her maiden name or who her real birth parents were. At the end of the study, I was able to find information on the great-grandmother’s two marriages, her maiden name and even […]

Hanai Relationships (Part 2): In the matter of the Estate of Nakuopu, deceased, widow of Puhalahua, deceased.

Posted on March 14 2012 by admin

3/14/12 Christine Hitt As I was researching hanai relationships at the Hawaii State Archives, I ran across this newspaper article published in the Hawaiian Gazette 1869, July 21, p3 c2. It’s a supreme court case involving rights of a hanai child, whose adopted parents were deceased. It is interesting to see the explanations of the […]

Hanai Relationships (Part 1): Adoption in Ancient Hawaii

Posted on March 11 2012 by admin

3/11/12 Christine Hitt Many emails that I receive are in regards to a hanai or adopted relative. Depending on whether it is a hanai adoption or a legal adoption with an agency, genealogy tactics will differ. Soon, I will follow-up this post with a case study of a hanai adoption I worked on. And, I […]

An Update: Kalihi Family History Center, Hanai Family Members and the 1878/1895 Hawaii Census

Posted on February 26 2012 by admin

2/26/12 Christine Hitt I have been researching a few families and reacquainted myself to the Kalihi Family History Center. For anyone researching their family, I recommend beginning at the the Mormon Family History Centers in your area. Here are the Hawaii locations. And, they are manned by people who have been involved in genealogy research […]

Northwest Coast Hawaiians and the Hudson’s Bay Company

Posted on January 27 2012 by admin

1/27/12 By Christine Hitt I’ve received requests over the years asking for information about Hawaiians who joined the Hudson’s Bay Company and settled in the Pacific Northwest. Many people are still not aware that there is a large community of Hawaiians in the Pacific Northwest, who descended from ancestors who traveled there in the early […]

The Case of Hattie Kuoha Akee

Posted on January 17 2010 by admin

Researching genealogy can be a long quiet process. It involves spending hours or days in libraries or among the many bookcases at the county courthouses. And, most times,the research is being done on ancestors who…