(NOTE: The following information was acquired from index cards prepared and microfilmed by the Hawaii State Archives.  The following information is subject to human error.  Indexing was of full obituaries only, not death notices.





ACHU, Mr.; 7/22/1865; p45-c3; died China 5/17/1865; age 41; an old resident of Honolulu, survived by widow and adopted child residing there.


ADAMS, Alexander CAPT., 11/1/1871; p2-c4; died at residence on Hotel St., Honolulu 10/27/1871; aged nearly 92yrs; native of Scotland; resident since 1810.  In employ of Kamehameha I and took his brig, the Forrester to China with sandalwood.  First pilot of Honolulu 1817-1844; oldest foreign resident and formerly in British Navy;  In Hawaiian Gazette 6/5/1896, p6-c1, mentions first wife died in child birth and a relative of Karaimoku (Kalanimoku), 2nd wife, a daughter of Isaac Davis, separated after 8 yrs.  3rd wife, still living (name not given).  15 children/ 10 still alive.


ADAMS, Kekilohi, Mrs.; 2/4/1865; p5; died Honolulu 1/30/1865; age 28; wife of J Adams

ADAMS, Paul A. LIEUT., USA; 9/1910; p7-c3; died Schofield Barracks 7/5/1910

ADAMTHWAITE, Walter; 9/11/1903; p7-c3; died 9/10/1903; age 37; native Westmoreland, Eng.

ADDERLY, E. G.; 11/3/1875; p3-c2; died Honolulu 10/26/1875; age 21; native Sheffield, Eng; resident since 1858

ADLER, Fredericka Henry Mrs., 11/5/1879; p3-c2; died San Francisco 10/13/1879; wife of Louis Adler of Honolulu


AEA, Rachel; 11/12/1874; p3-c2; died Honolulu November 12; p3-c2; died Honolulu 11/11?/1874; age 12yrs; dau of Rev. H. AEA


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DANIELS, William; 1/15/1889; p1-c6; died 1/8/1889; Suicide; aged 48 years; native of Sydney, Australia; Chief Quartmaster, USS Alert (also see: Advertiser; 1/11/1889; p3-c4)

DAVIDSON, Charles; 7/19/1887; p3-c2; died Lahainaluna, 7/2/1887; age 17 yrs; student at Lahainaluna Seminary

DAVIS, Esther Mrs.; 6/3/1874; p3-c1; died Wailuku, Maui; n.d.; age 70 yrs; native of County Cork, Ireland; wife of John J. Davis; (also see: The Friend 6/1874; p45-c3)

DAVIS, Isaac Young; 5/30/1883; p2-c3; died Hawaii, summer of 1882; Former husband of Ruth Keelikolani; one child, adopted by Bernice Pauahi Bishop who died in infancy; Obit. of Princess Keelikolani

DAVIS, John Mrs.; 3/27/1899; p5-c4; died Waikane, 3/13/1899; wife of Rev. John Davis

DAVIS, Samuel Mrs.; 2/13/1906; p3-c6; died Kokomo, Maui, 2/1906

DEJEAN, Leon; 2/16/1881; p3-c2; died Honolulu, 2/10/1881 from small pox

DELALANDE, Raymond Rev. FR.; 8/9/1898; p1-c3; died Heeia, Oahu; 8/7/1898; born Normandy, 1817; arrived in the islands 2/26/1847

DE LA NUX, Paul C. A.; 7/29/1890; p10-c2&6; died Honolulu 7/27/1890; aged 34 yrs; native Is. of Bourbon; arrived Hawaii 1876 (also see: The Friend 8/1890; p62-c3)

DE LEON, Lena Meyer Mrs.; 9/7/1900; p8-c1; died Honolulu, n.d.; age 26 yrs; wife of Wm. De Leon

DENISON, George H. Mrs.; 8/15/1899; p6-c4; died Honolulu, 8/12/1899; age 24; daughter of William R. McLaren; (see also: The Friend; 9/1899; p70-c3)

DESHA, John Rolin Langherne; 12/6/1871; died Honolulu 12/3/1871; born 2/17/1820; Boone County, KY; aged 51 yrs; (see also: The Friend; 1/1872; P.C. Advertiser 12/9/1871)

DESHA, Mrs. Kamaka; 3/5/1884; p3-c1; died Honolulu 2/29/1884; wife of Stephen Desha

DEVANEY, Michael; 5/6/1874; p3-c1; died at sea, 4/12; on board bark Mattie Macleay, age about 40 yrs; native Ireland (also see: The Friend 6/1/1874; p45-c3)

DEVAUCHELLE, Alapai Mrs.; 6/16/1899; p8-c4; died Napali, Maui; 6/9/1899; age 35 yrs; wife of Edward Devauchelle

DICKENSON, Rose; 2/5/1907; p8-c4; died Wailuku; 1/31/1907

DICKEY, Henry W.; 6/13/1899; p5-c3; died Makawao, Maui, 6/7/1899; age 24 yrs; son of Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Dickey

DILDINE, William; 4/19/1887; p4-c5; died Honolulu 4/13/1887; age 24; native Alameda, CA (see also: The Friend 5/1887; p40-c2)



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