Alii Genealogy

The Genealogy of the Chiefs of Na Lani Kamehameha

I received the following genealogical chart from Kamehameha Schools-Bishop Estate.  It consists of the genealogy of notable people within the Hawaiian Monarchy. Everyone in the chart is related.  Different color lines have been used to help guide the reader in tracing direct ancestors of those ali’i presented.

I had tried to make a written form of this chart, but the task soon became impossible to do.  It was impossible because of all the intermarrying within the family.  Therefore, I decided to scan the following map and hopefully in this form it will be easier to understand.  Unfortunately though, once you select an image from below, it will probably take a while to download because I kept the size of the image big for better reading.  Each image opens in a new window.

Index of Names


Kalakaua and Kauai Kings

The Kamehamehas

Maui Kings

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